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Come and enjoy the exhilaration of the exciting sport of gliding in one of our state of the art modern gliders. Your glider flight includes an aero tow to 3,000ft, we will then release from the tow plane and commence soaring like a bird using the natural energy in the atmosphere to stay aloft. Your very experienced pilot/instructor will invite you to take the controls and have a go at flying. They will show you just how enjoyable and simple it is, alternatively, you are most welcome to sit back and relax and enjoy the scenery in the Kingaroy area during this unique flying experience.
Flight duration will be approximately 20 minutes and if nature is having a good day you could be airborne for up to 30 minutes.


  • Q - Is there an age limit?
    A - We recommend 12 years and older.

    Q - Do I need to be fit?
    A - No you don't need to be an athlete, as long as you can support yourself on one leg it will make it easy for you to get in and out of the glider.

    Q - Is there a weight limit

    A - Due to aircraft balance requirements guests will need to weight less than 110 kilograms

    Q - I have a Flight Voucher, how do I book in?
    A - To book your flight please give Darryl a call on 0409 623 310.

    Q - Can I take a camera and or my mobile phone to take photos?
    A - Absolutely, your going to get some really nice photos so make sure your battery is charged.

    Q - Can friends and family come and watch?
    A - Absolutely, making them feel jealous is all part of the fun!

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