Instructor Requests Page
STUDENTS – please use this page to communicate that you will be coming up to the club and what training you would like to concentrate on.
MEMBERS – please use this page to communicate requirements, such as Annual Flight Reviews.

PLEASE NOTE – Your Instructor Request is visible to you and the instructor of the day on the Instructor Request page, your request does not appear on the Instructors & Tug Pilots Roster.
Instructors will refer to the Instructor Request page in the week leading up to their rostered day. If necessary, the instructor may communicate with you about your request. This could be either by replying to your comment on the Instructor Request page, their reply will appear below your comment on that page, or by email or phone.

NOTE – Booking gliders is only available for Comps. If you wish to book a glider for a comp email a formal request to the secretary.

Club Bank Details
Bank: ANZ
BSB: 014-630
Account Number: 101306463
Account Name: Kingaroy Soaring